Go, Nellie

“Whoa, Nellie!” is the headline in GEICO’s current magazine. I say “Go, Nellie!” At age 91, our friend Nellie is GEICO’s longest-standing customer. Nellie’s husband Charlie first joined GEICO in 1936 and she was added to his policy after they married in 1940. With the policy still active after more than 75 years, she calls herself a “walking, talking ad for GEICO” and just renewed her driver’s license for another eight years. Nellie is thrilled that GEICO donated $7,500 in her honor to the American Cancer Society.

Cancer claimed the life of Nellie’s daughter Phyllis when Phyllis’ daughter Pam was in 5th grade with my daughter Lilli. Nellie took over raising Pam and her sister Carol and did a wonderful job. I so admire both young women.  Nellie continues to care for Carol’s three children, providing a hot breakfast and a fabulous role model to her great-grandchildren every day before they catch the bus to school.  Nellie makes the best toffee any of us have ever tasted. She brought us some when she came to visit us on December 1. Go, Nellie!

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