Phillips Family

“What?” people ask me. “You have eight friends from elementary school that get together every couple of years?” “Yes,” I answer, “they are my Phillips family. It’s such a blessing!” Carolyn PK reconnected us for the first time at her house in Florida in 1998. Since then we’ve met in Arlington VA, Red River NM, San Antonio, Austin, Fort Worth and Asheville NC. This April on my springtime tour, I joined them in Fredericksburg TX, west of Austin. Classmate Billy Don and his wife Liz drove all the way from Canyon to be with us. We shared food, wine, pictures and many laughs. I’m happy to report that everyone was positive about their health, families and looks.

My highlights: the funky mix of Swiss and Texan kitsch at Baron’s Creekside, walks along the lovely creek, the sensuous bannister on the stairs, going out for lunch at places Deanna knew to be good, dining on Louise’s sensational quiche in the spacious living room, drinking Marjo’s Ohio wine, remembering our parents, shopping at unique Fredericksburg shops, talking with Billy Don about his writing, receiving special gifts from Johnnie, Carol, and Sandra, walking in the park behind Sandra’s house and seeing the full moon when we got to Ft. Worth.

Phillips Friends at the Pink Pig
Phillips Friends at the Pink Pig

This was a memorable reunion for me. All the dearest women, great food, good wine and shopping, and, of course, Billy Don. I love you all and look forward to next year. I know I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. –Carolyn MR


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