Remembering Sylvia

Today and each Valentine’s, I think of my dear friend Sylvia Driscoll, who died on Valentine’s Day 1990. She and I were friends for only a few years, when our younger daughters were in Kindergarten, first and second grades. The time was short, but intense; we had our Texas heritage in common. We attended PTA and Junior League meetings together. Her Elizabeth and my Shelby used to play “thrift shop,” echoing their mothers’ League activities. Sylvia introduced me to the Suzuki method of piano instruction that captivated her daughters, inspiring me to explore that method further. Our visit to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall in Washington was so much fun that I still go every summer. Shortly after Sylvia and her family moved back to Houston, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Even with the best medical care, it progressed fast. In the fall of 1989 she called and told me that she wanted me to speak at her funeral. What an honor! Now 24 years have passed, but I still remember her vividly and wish that we could visit again and trade stories about our grandchildren. Here is my eulogy:

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