Ode to My Zip Code

Tabebuia tree at Quail Ridge 33436
Tabebuia tree at Quail Ridge 33436

Amid foxtail palms,

tabebuia, hibiscus, orchids,

ibises, geckoes and anhingas,

we love biking,

golf, and music in Boynton Beach



A ZIP Ode is five lines, with the number of words in each line determined by your particular zip code. My NPR station, WLRN-Miami Herald, is asking listeners to pay tribute to the least poetic definition of where they live: the ZIP Code. This April, select ZIP Ode poets will be asked to read their work on air on WLRN, and 20 finalists are invited to read at a culminating event on April 29 at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The five winners will be selected by 2012 Presidential Inaugural Poet, Miami native, and one of my favorites, Richard Blanco. I invite you to write your own ZIP Ode and share it here.

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