Hometown Poem

Sounds of the Seasons – Phillips, Texas

Train cars in Phillips
Train cars in Phillips

Cold, dry winters, lonely train whistles
Mom matching pitches to piano keys
C-sharp sliding to C as engine passed
Demonstrating Doppler effect

Hot, dry summers, trains’ rumbling rhythms
Sharp accents as cars re-coupled
Kids crossing the tracks to Jolly Drug
Juke box playing Elvis Presley


Phillips Refinery
Phillips Refinery

Cool, crisp autumns, trains bringing crude
Refinery humming night and day
Noontime whistles crooning on high E-flat
Drum Majors signaling Sousa marches

Blustery springs, tank cars carry gasoline
Pipelines pump natural gas to Chicago
Dad listens to the Texas Playboys
Mom and I play Brahms piano duets

Martha K. Smith, April 10, 2014

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