Ropes Revisited

On September 2 during our family trip to New York City, many of us saw Orly Genger’s massive sculpture “Red, Yellow and Blue” in Madison Square. Janna and Suzy Feinberg joined Violet and me on a sunny winter afternoon to see a new installation of this sculpture in the deCordova Sculpture Garden and Museum in Lincoln MA. It was fascinating to see how it looked in a much bigger space and in the snow. I bought a book about Genger and discovered that she was inspired by Barnett Newman’s “Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue,” a series of four canvases he painted in the late 60s. Janna and Violet, both 4,  enjoyed themselves outdoors and indoors for over two hours. So did Suzy (Rice ’89) and I. Here are captioned photos from our delightful afternoon.

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